About Us

Where it all began

It all started back in 2018 when we took to Instagram with a very limited amount of products. Back then we had only a few Full Spectrum CBD Oils and some CBD Gummies.

In the early phases of the business we were very quick to see the results that people were getting from using CBD products, specifically Full Spectrum CBD Oil.

Our Community

Within the first couple of years we had built some fantastic relationships with our trusted suppliers… For us this was a really great time because we were able to give our customers lots of different options to choose from, everything from Oils to Gummies, Vapes, Skincare and more.

After reflecting on the first couple of years it was time for the next step. We opened our first ever website and launched our very own range of Flavoured Full Spectrum CBD Oils. By this point we had grown our Instagram account to around 7000 followers.

Shortly after we were introduced to an incredible range of Supplements like Shilajit, Sea Moss, Raw Honeys and Liquid Vitamins…
These products were impossible to ignore and if you have used them yourself you’ll know why.

The Re-brand

We have now re-branded and can proudly say that we stock the widest and best range of CBD and Supplement products on the market today.

Learn more about us here.